How do I make an entire family behave, not just the first?

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  • So this is seems like a bone-headed inquiry, I'm hoping I'm just missing something all too obvious.

    Basically I have exp that homes towards the player when they're near it. I have the behaviors on the player and exp that work great!...For the first instance of the exp that spawns. If I have 5 instances of exp, the only one that will home to my player is the one that spawned first, and all will behave like it does. How do I make it so they all behave independently and if I get close to any of them they will home on me, not just the first one spawned?

    I can provide samples of my event sheet if it would help clear anything up.

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  • Without seeing details this will be a "For each" issue. "For each" allows you to cycle through each instance individually, rather than together.

  • This was exactly it! Thank you very much. It was a little obnoxious being able to work one half of it and not the other, and I was confused about which other events or actions I should be calling for this. But this fix worked perfectly.

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