How do I Enter a name/nickname for a leaderboard

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  • Hello!

    Currently doing a endless running game for kids and i am in a trouble making a leaderboard.

    My leaderboard is very simple,


    It take back the score from the game and push down the array to let a new score appear.

    Now my trouble would be, make the kids enter a name/nickname to the corresponding score they made.

    Looking a bit for it but nothing pop me up working, so thats why i'm here!


    btw...Our project is to link 6 little games on a CD for a musical kids association.

    We actually do not know how to link them on a CD, if someone has any idea.

    Cause i have no idea if we can link, if all the program work like it runs on the PC, while i'm thinking about it, does someone knows how to save or replace scores on a CD ? Cause i'm not sure it will work the way i made the leaderboard, on my PC when i launch "Run Layout", the scores are perfectly added after each Game Over in the leaderboard, but when i close the "Run Layout" and run it again, all the scores goes to reset.


    If you need more information about the project program to help me or the project itself we are working on, ill answer with pleasure!

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  • The most simple solution is to add a text box where you have the last score. That text box then gives a value in the array that corresponds with the last score. You'll have to make sure that the names part of the array is pushed down as well though. Not sure if you can do anything about what it looks like, but you might be able to set you're own text box up with events otherwise.

    As for the CD, I am unsure as to whether that is possible. Usually you can't write to CDs and saves are stored in the browser. Otherwise you could just save them to a text document that would always be with the game.

    Edit: Another useful note to make, you can change the text box look by placing the text box outside the canvas and then use a focus event when you click on your actual text box.

    Edit: And unfortunately for some reason the textbox must be visible on screen for it to do anything...

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