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  • hey all, so what would be the best tools for create a simple game(low/medium graphics engine quality) and port it to windows, browsers, android and ioS?

    I need a really quick and easy way to create the simple game engine and port it to crossplatforms + touch pad configuration for mobiles, because i'm having difficulties with exports,programing,

    does Flash need much optimisations for mobiles today? Or it's really easy to export on mobiles now?

    I think i can make a game with construct 2 , the engine for develop is quite easy/fine but are exports easy to do? performances and compatibility

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    C2 is really easy to handle , and my choice for programming ... For Exporting , I recommend CocoonJS Even if it's not a 1-click export , The Steps are not that hard ( It's just putting your project on your cloudspace and testing it on the official app , and leaving the rest to CocoonJs ... )

    Hope that helps !

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