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  • For a top down shooting game, how do i do different enemy wave formations/styles. Like i would have 1 type formation spawn a bunch of random enemies that go top to bottom, and another that spawns them in military formation, or another that has a few enemies revolving around a central object while moving top to bottom.

    anything on this? Thanks!

  • How id do it is, you could create either a single sprite, drop and arrange it in the formations you would like off-screen and for each of that sprite you could spawn an enemy. For you different waves you could rearrange these images.

    Or a single large sprite (for each formation) with multiple image points.

  • Interesting idea, but I'm not sure I'd have Full control over individual enemies that way. That would be good for a space invader formation though!

  • bscarl88 you can also use Activate/Deactivate your waves

  • karlmahmen like deactivate groups? I can see that I'm more ending the best way to program the different groups and their formation designs. Like an array fit the positioning or something?

  • Combine relative values and functions (one function for each formation/style).

    Make sure, the sprite instances are clearly seperated by setting a instance variable.

    By relative I mean to not work with absolute values for the sprite instances, but relatives to the concerned instances plus a general offset that is applied to all of them.

    The functions then should pick only those matching the IV.

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  • tulamide   hmmmmmm not quite catching on to that haha thanks for the response though! Sorry about my terrible logic skills :/

  • you could use an array to store the soldier formation, and use a loop to create them.

    for the random one check the Rain demo (it's already included, open New Template)

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