How do I make an enemy to throw barrels? (Donkey K. clone)

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  • Hello everyone.

    I just came up with Construct 2 and Wow is really amazing. So good that I am considering buying it. It lets you make games and prototypes very easy and fast.

    I have some questions that I wish you can help me.

    I am doing right now a "King Kong" game arcade clone, to start easy. I already have my character movement and it can even jump or move over ladders (still buggy, if you have any reference to a good way of doing it, share it with me, please)

    Now I am doing Kong. I will make it more basic. What I want is to throw an object (barrels) from its position (top-left) to the right platforms. Basically will throw the barrel randomly from the left part of the apartment to the right part, using gravity so it can be seen that the object is thrown by Kong.

    I think it will need some gravity to throw from its initial position, how can I do it?

    Also I have some constraints, including that the floor is a solid and the barrel might bounce, how can overcome this? And I want the barrels to be "killed" when the player presses space and the hammer animation appears (always has a the hammer)

    Just a good guide will be enough. I am currently learning from different sources on the net, but this one is like too specific for me to handle it at the moment.

    Thanks for your time guys and gals!

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