How do I Make a Enemy Target a player and shoot them

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  • So i'm currently make a game and i want the Enemy to target the play and to shoot them but its been confusing can some please help Thanks

  • Just go to File -> New and look up the turret behavior tutorial.

  • Need more info?

    Is the enemy a moving enemy and is it a platform or RPG style game?

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  • distance(enemy.x,enemy.y,player.x,player.y) < 200

    enemy >rotate angle towards pos player.x,player.y - speed 10

    subcondition every 1.2 seconds - create bullet at imagepoint 0 /set angle movement enemy.angle


    event condition separated for bullet or you can add it in action above on every 1.2 seconds when bullet is created automatically gets the angle.


    bullet on created set angle movement enemy.angle


    bullet actor must have bullet behavior on it.

    you can add a event for bullet getting destroyed


    bullet traveled > 500 px


    bullet on collission with player - action destroy.


    and a event for player life substraction you will need a localvariable or a number set on the player.


    player on collision with bullet substract "your value" from life


    thats the simple code. you will need to adapt that to C2 event system. but its mostly what the event language looks like.

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