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  • Hey guys,

         Very noobish question I guess but I cant seem to get my enemy to spawn right! I just want it to spawn at a random time or whatever, say 1-5 seconds. I was looking on tutorials and the forum but I just cant get it lol plus its like 12:00 am and my brain really would like some sleep!

    annnnnnyyyyyway, heres the capx file


    I know you Construct veterans should be able to help me out as im sure its a simple enough solution!



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  • every random seconds needs to be random(1,5) instead of a dash (random1-5) makes them spawn like crazy. also the spawn event random((12,1024, 1200) that Y coordinate is spawning them off the bottom of the screen - change to 0 if you want them up at the top.

    for easier debugging you can try setting your background to invisible and your squares to visible, it helps a lot when setting up your event systems.

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