How do I make Enemy Smart

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  • Hi Guys

    i asked you i need help for enemy follow player. and i solved it for your help. but there is a llittle problem.they follow me where i stay.but the all of the enemies move the same way. they just move left or right.i stay betweern 2 enemies and i want ne of them move right and the other move left. but 2 zombies move or right or left.

    ITS MY EVENT(Some times when character standing, he shaking. i thing the problem is size of standing and run sprites. and i make the same size all of them. But if there is a suitable event sheet for mooving character. i want to use it.

  • You are not picking an enemy in the event where you check the enemies x position..

    if you chance the player.x<enemy.x

    with enemy.x>player.x



    with enemy.x<player.x

    it should work..

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  • ohh man thank you so much. what do you think about my player move event. is there a suitable event for moving.

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