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  • Hello to all. This is my first "How do I" post.

    I have to say that I rad the forum almost everyday and it helps me a lot building my game, but in this specific thing I've read all the "howtos" of picking instances and all that but I'm stuck.

    I'll explain the problem:

    I have x instances of a sprite "1" distributed over the layout that spawn another sprite "2" on start. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to tell a specific "1" to respawn "2" 10 seconds after HIS specific instance of "2" is destroyed.

    I suppose that it's possible to use picking to logically "link" each instance of "1" to his "2", but i don't know how.

    The effect has to look similar to what is seen on "Wonderboy in monster land". You kill an enemy and, x seconds after it's destroyed, it "revives". And this repeats for three or four times, and then it won't reappear until you reenter the scenario.

    Thanks in advance

  • OMG!!! It's Possible! Seriously, I had no doubt about it, but I never thought it was SO easy.

    MANY thanks for your quick response Kyatric. I will implement this now. But I have a doubt: "System: wait" doesn't also stop player's movement?

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  • Sometimes I can't believe I've built so much game. OBVIOUSLY "System:wait" IS perfect. And now I think I understand picking. Thanks again.

  • Oof I'm six years too late, but this is EXACTLY what I'm trying to figure out right now!

    Guess I'll look into picking...I'm already playing around with "wait" to no avail. Currently if I defeat one enemy, they all respawn from their original location...but then sometimes it seems to work. I don't think it helps that I've got them grouped into a family.

  • vontheodore

    I really don't recommend using "Waits" in game mechanics, especially long-running waits (for several seconds or longer). This is a very common mistake many beginners make.

    Use Timer behavior instead.

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