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  • So, my friends, here I am again begging your experienced lessons. My problem today is one of AI.

    My Offensive Unit gonna answer some basic commands like Stop, Follow, Patrol, Explore, Attack.

    I have it all programmed in the base of variables:

    Global ones *dt every tick for the timers and ORDER 1,2,3,4,5 for the specific commands.

    The problem is wherever I want to right: For "COOLDOWN"=10| Do this, I have to code COOLDOWN=<11 and COOLDOWN=>9, or it simple will not work.

  • I guessing this is due to one of your values being a float and not an integer...

    you need to use " int(your number) " to ensure you get a whole number...

    You would be better off looking them up in the manual...

  • Pixel, my problem is this. Lets say i have the timer writing on a text 0.001... 0.002... and I want my condition to be "2.000" so it gonna run only on that tick... but it is not working.

    please, gimme more help.

    I've downloaded examples and everything, but they doesn't have some like:

    On CD=2 change angle

    On CD=3 change speed

    On CD>10 Reset CD.

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  • Please, anyone? I am really on it.

  • How to do this?

    On CD=2 change angle

    On CD=3 change speed

    On CD>10 Reset CD.

    Plz anyone!

  • My future multiplayer space game. You can observe the harvesting going mad because of the unsolved question made here.


  • I don't 100% know, what you are trying to do...

    lower the dt calculation, Example change 1.0*dt to 0.01*dt and adjust your "countdown" numbers accordingly, as this could skipping over your 1,2,3,4...

  • I gonna use a variable as trigger.

    CD=2 and trigger=0 : DOTHAT and add 1 to trigger.

    CD=3 and trigger=1 : DOTHAT and add 1 to trigger.

    CD>10 and trigger=2: Reset CD and trigger.


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