How do I make the enemy move to the the player

  • ive started using consturct 2 a few days ago its easy to use but all im struggling with is my enemies, im making a shoot game so i want the enemy to move toward the player ive seen the tutorials but they didnt work so i deleted all the beahaviours and events taken from their. all ive added is the player nd the enemy with no events or behaviours done to the enemy.

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  • Did you start with this tutorial? ... t-2/page-1

    It is the best one to start with and will answer your question the best. It will also be much easier for people to help you if you start the tutorial and then ask specific questions about the tutorial if you come across something you just don't understand or can't get to work.

    I am not dodging your question... it is just that there are a dozen ways to do what you ask... the easiest being give the enemy the bullet behavior with a speed value and run an event every tick that "sets its angle toward position" of player.x and player.y (if player sprite is named "player").

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