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  • I'm currently playing around with a stealth platformer system and I've come up with an annoyance where the images for all the enemy sprites appear to be dependent on a single on screen enemy's actions rather than each specific enemy.

    I've currently got it set that if an enemy faces left, then its image and its line of sight should also face left and if it turns around, the image and its line of sight should be mirrored. The line of sight image works fine, but even though it follows the same function all enemy images only mirror based on a one enemy's actions and don't follow their own instance (meaning it looks like some enemies are walking backwards).

    Not sure what I've missed. Any advice would be appreciated (game attached).

  • Hey Shariku

    mmm if you look carefully at your enemy object in the Project tree...(the yellow Box platform controller) and check its properties tab,

    in the platformer behavior, you have still got the enemy default controls set to "yes'

    if you have it this way..whenever the player presses jump the enemies will jump as well because Default are the same for all objects unless its turned off

    Change Uses Default Controls to "No" and then it should fix the enemy jumping issue..

    as for other issues...

    its good practice to place any "on start of layout " events at the top of the it will always be the first thing that processes and is usually what you want ...

    if you need more help ..let me know...but it should fix the jumping issue for starters

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  • Hi mystazsea,

    Thanks for that. Had WASD controls set separately so i didn't even notice.

    I've sorted the image issue out separately, so all good there too.

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