How do I get my enemy to follow the player?

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  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get my enemy to follow the player, the main issue that I keep getting is that the enemy (in this case a ghost) sees the player, goes towards him but instead of him following the player everywhere the ghost instead keeps going in the direction that they first saw the player in. I would like the ghost to be floating but I've noticed that it always keeps messing up. Thanks for the help.

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  • And how are we supposed to help you without seeing your capx?

    You didn't even tell us what kind of game this is - platform, top-view, grid-based etc.

  • If using in a top down game then either use pathfinding or give the ghost a bullet behavior with the speed you want and then use "set angle to position" action in your ghost sprite and set its parameters to player.x and player.y...

    If using in platformer you will need quite a few things to make it work and we would need more information about what you are actually attempting as dop2000 pointed out.

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