How do I make an enemy to follow my hero?

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  • Hello everybody! if you are reading this it means im dead...(? JK! well let me thank you all for reading this first , now lets go to business! , im working on this 8 direction project ( i mean im using the 8 direction behavior for my *HERO* ) and what i really wanna know is how i can make an enemy haunts me ? .. im using ( for the enemy) the LOS behavior so when the enemy sees me can do something like i dont know walk, and well i achieved some "haunting" movement when i enter in his LOS , but when im behind him instead of chasing me the enemy runs away... its like he only moves to the Right when i enter in his LOS .

    hope i made myself clear on what i was trying to say , and thank you all again for taking some time and read this.

    (Sorry if my english "sounds" funny im from argentina and im really doing my best XD)


  • Here is a very simple demo:

    But if your game has obstacles, then this follower can get stuck. In this case you will need to use Pathfinding behavior. Try searching the forum for "follower", "chase" etc, there are lots of similar posts with examples.

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  • dop2000 Thank you very much for the answer , actually it is very simple i just opened the demo andwas like " OMG this is it!" , thank you again this just solves my issue for now but stick around ,i could have more easy questions for ya hahah

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