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  • Hi, I have created an enemy.. got the enemy patrolling using edge markers, but I am unable to figure out how to get the enemy to fire if the player comes within a certain range of the enemy (line of sight kinda)

    The enemy shoots only on the X-axis while facing the Player.

    So, I wanted to know how to make the enemy fire at the player when the player reaches within certain pixels(?) of the enemy.


  • Use the distance() expression.

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  • Hi, I still was not able to get it right... can anyone give me a sample on how to use it? I dont think I am doing it the right way too.

    I have put instance variables (oldx and oldy) to player as well as the enemy. I have set values:

    PlayerBox: On Created -> Set oldx to PlayerBox.X

                          -> Set oldy to PlayerBox.Y

    And the same for enemy too.

    After this I dont know how to compare distances between the two objects. :( The distance says I have to input 4 values, whereas I just need to see if the distance between the two on X axis.

    Please help :)


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