How do I make enemy AI target different characters

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  • So my question is a bit broad but, I am stuck on how to make an enemy in a turn based RPG (Similar to Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior games) target different team members randomly. My first thought was to use a separate script to call on when the enemies take their turns but I've yet to see a way to call something like that. I currently have a selection method for the player to target with using buttons, but that seems unusable for the AI. Any input would be greatly appreciated. -Solumn

  • i heard that its really hard to make rpg in construct 2. u can try and add your party members in the family thing. and make your enemy attack family. family feature is in paid version only

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  • Ah, well I've made a make shift event system using "Else" events going off of a multi-event tree. Basically it compares one global variable then a random number is selected against a "floor(random(4))" check that uses another global variable that chooses one of the four party members to attack. The only issue I am having now is the enemies attack multiple times over that small amount of time. Not sure how to make them only attack once and move onto the next turn without several attacks.

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