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  • So I did look at many tutorials and testing things out but i guess i'm missing something

    So i set a Pink box (playerdetector) so that when my character gets a certain range this enemy will wake up then chase him but only along the X so left and right

    1st instance-I was thinking make a box for detection so when player collides in it the Mimic will wake up then change into the chomping animation and follow player.x or something

    -Sub event- if chomping is playing then have a hitbox Pinned to damage player

    2nd- when out of detector box the Mimic will then fall asleep so the wake up animation would just be reordered backwards and play fallasleep animation and unpin the hitbox to damage player and then remain where the player left it and that the detector box would be pinned to it

    another thing is i got ladders working pretty well, the only thing is if i'm climbing i'd like my player to be in a fixed position on the ladder. I tried disabling left and right if on ladder but that seems to conflict with other actions.

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  • so for some reason the attack doesn't play when your in the box detectors , and even though i made the others not loop they play in a loop. I still cant figure why when i'm outside the boxes it doesn't play cooldown and that when i'm inside the boxes it goes straight to the attack player.

    I'm goin to put a wait on the attack player function and keep testing. If any Construct Gurus are available please help me

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