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  • hello ive been having some truble trying to make make my enemy ninja detect my ninja on the diffrent platforms so im on one and i want him to come to me ive tryed everything i can think of but when he is on the same Y co-ordanate he just does some mad spins ! any help with this at all would be much loved ! , thanks

    dl.dropbox.com/u/59126863/project/Troy.capx - project file

  • hi.

    1st make a single capx file ,not a caproj file.

    2nd You can create this type of ai by using a dummy sprite to detect your player sprite.So ,when the player sprite overlaps the dummy sprite ,you can set your enemy sprite to move towards your player sprite.

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  • thank you for replying, but i don't quite understand use a dummy sprite ??

    also made it a single file . did i explain what i wanted help with proper ill try again :) say if im on one platform and an enemy is on the floor how can i make him navigate his way up though the platform system to find me ??? i think i explained it better there :D

  • That's some pretty advanced AI for an platforming enemy. First of all, you need to set some conditions for the enemy to know when to go up or down. Then, you need to do some sort of intelligent chase for the enemy on the player. Practically, that's pathfinding but for a platform game, where you need to specify various heuristic costs for each obstacle like ladders and stuff.

  • do you have any idea how i could go about making the path finding system for a platformer ?? and thanks for replying !

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