How do I get this enemy to activate?

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  • Hi there, thank you all for your continued support on this project... we've learnt so much already!

    We have run into a problem with a frog enemy we have devised. His movements and things are absolutely fine, the issue is with locking and unlocking his processing when you are in the same room as him. We use the same method for other enemies in the game without any problems.

    Here's his processing

    It's worth noting that we are checking the Player's CurrentRoomID every tick.

    The issue is this ...

    If we start the layout with our player overlapping the same room as our Frog, he works fine.

    However if we leave the room or start in a different room he locks up completely and won't do anything at all.

    I think it's possibly a 'cant see the wood for the trees' type of thing - but would surely appreciate someone casting their eye over this and then pointing out my silly mistakes!

    Thanks again!

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  • Spoke too soon on this one ... for anyone that's interested the fix was to add a

    Trigger Once While True that set the Frog's Y to Self.Y-5 so it counted as landing again when it became active.

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