How do I Make Enemies look natural.

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  • I ran out of space in the title. The thing I want to figure out is how to make them move right in a platform game. It's one of my first platform games and my slimes are flying into the air because I jump. I want them to jump too. And I don't think platform will work on them because don't you have to give it a set of keys to push. I don't want to have enemies that are controlled by the player. I want them to move naturally towards the player in a jump-left-right fashion. Help, anyone?

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  • Yes you can set them to platform and turn off default controls(in properties panel). Then you can set up event where you compare position of your enemy to your player and trigger event enemy simulate pushing left/right/jump. (I assume it is side scroller) And maybe there are some tutorials how to make more intelligent UI.

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