Enemies freeze when player moves

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  • Hi. I just started using Construct 2 for prototyping games. I am currently doing a 2d platformer and I came across something weird when I was using the platformer tutorial on this site.

    I set up a couple of platforms, put some enemies on them, made them go left and right but when the player is moving and jumping, most of the times the enemies freeze on the spot. Once the enemy has landed, they continue their previous behaviour. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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  • Do you use platform behavior for enemy, if you do, just set Default control of enemy to "NO", Because if you press "left arrow " key to move left, and you set enemy Everytick to move right, they'll will stand as freeze.

    I think it's a reason the enemy freeze. But for sure you can post a capx, and we'll solved the problem together :D

  • Thank you for the reply. This totally fixed my problem.

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