How do I make enemies collide?

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  • Hi! please take a look at the capx, this is a project im working on, i want the enemies to collide so when one enemy collides with another it will move away instead of overlap, is there anyway to do that¿ i tried making that when they are overlapping, one gets a speed boobst and the other slows down, so they will never be in the same place, but i would like that they follow the player at the same speed, but moving away from each other

    im aware of the boids flocking behaviour, but that plugin its really basic and lacks too much to be reliable enouhg to use in a game.

    any idea¿


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  • I use this for my "Test-Enemy" but it works they dont stand on the same place, they walk a lil bit confusing but it prevents from overlap


    delete all the ***** for the link

    edit: you need the "

    move to" behavior from REX.RAINBOW <3

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