How do i make enemies bounce while moving forward?

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  • Hey everyone!

    I've been trying to make my enemies bounce while moving forward towards the player. This means moving in both X and Y directions and please note that this is NOT a platform game so there aren't any solid platforms to stand on. It's more of a top-down game and below is my current code:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    At the moment I can see this working in one out of two ways:

    1.) I use gravity and make the enemy jump up. The problem is that the bounce needs to be stopped where it started (in Y axis) and this is the way i have it now -- a nice bounce in place effect. The problem is that the enemy can't move in the Y axis towards the enemy because this interferes with the bounce. Also the gravity messes things up.

    2.) I make an animation that looks like a bounce and then move the enemy towards the player by calculating distance and the amount to move each frame. While doing this i just run the animation over and over. The problem with this is that the animation only can change one pixel per step so it becomes very jerky.

    I would prefer to have it bounce "naturally" by utilizing gravity since i believe this would look smoother, but since there are no platforms or solids to bounce on, this has presented a problem for me. Any suggestions would be awesome!

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  • I'm confused here, if it's a top-down game wouldn't the bouncing be on Z axis, and movement up down left right is on X,Y? If that's the case then I would just use sprites to simulate bouncing from a top-down perspective.

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