How do I Make enemies act as individuals

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  • Hi!

    I would like to know if there is a way to stop two copies of the same enemy to synchronize their behaviour.

    SSee, I setted the enemy to react when the player is on line of sight, and spawn their bullets every 2.0 seconds. So far they work ok; either of them only starts shooting when the condition is met.

    My question comes when both enemies meet have the player on their line of sight at the same time. They automatically synchronize their actions, shooting at the same time despite not having seen the player at the same time. (I uploaded the .capx)

    I would like to know if there is a way to keep them form acting as one, and make them act individually.

  • use the timer behavior I will fix it now for you.

  • My internet keeps turning on and off. I won't beable to do it until I leave London to go back home which will be a day.

  • was this issue ever solved?

  • was this issue ever solved?

    No, it wasn't...

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  • use timers, it's all about them... in case you give up trying, take a look at this

  • So, I used timers as sugested, and it kinda works... but not quite yet. Not for LoS.

    For whatever reason, when I use Player is On Line of Sight it doesn't activates the timer. Being in the range of sight does nothing, but when I get out of the range of sight, then it works.

    What is strange is that it seems to be some kind of conflict with the On Line Of Sight behaviour, because I also tryed an alternative: using On Collission With Another Object everything works just fine.

    So now the enemies act as individuals, every one of them act acording to it's own timer, no longer sinchronized. But it doesn't seem to work with On On line of Sight...

    EDIT: I am trying to submit a .capx, but as I try it keeps telling me "general error" and wont let me post the reply...

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