How do I Make many same enemies

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  • Hi guys. I got a new problem. I made an enemy i did all set ups. Detections and following and atacks. Evrething is Fine. But problem is. that images and sprite i made is 150 MB one. Problem is if i Copy it with Cntrl +drag and drop. Then this enemie Doing evrething Same like the another one. even if its FAR away. its coppying all actions of the first enemie. If he run. He run too. If he atack, the second atack too even if i am not in range. Maybe is anyway to make copy of the same enemie without using so much momery? cose i dont know how much must be maximum RAM requirement for one good game.

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  • You can probably use the "for each" condition on the right events to make the different enemies act independently. As far as conserving memory, I don't know what specific changes you can make, but the picking conditions (pick by evaluate, pick highest/lowest, etc.) can probably help.

  • Thnx. Well i found out. I did the mistake . i forgot about spawn system. I just TOTALY blocked my brain, and wanted to make new sprite for evry enemy. But it works just load one sprite and spawm it so many times as i need. WEll . thnx for help! it was my mistake

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