How do I make a endless layer?

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  • capx included,

    the settings, I have a ship in the center of the screen. what I want to do is when I double click an area x,y location of mouse, layer 0 will shift in a way that looks like my ship is traveling in the direction I picked with double click. so this means all objects on layer 0 will need to shift, and at the same time create new objects when they come into view.

    all data is stored in an array of x, y locations so this helps. ... .capx?dl=0

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  • Would you like the ship to move, the layer to move or the things on the layer to move?

    Right now on double click you are setting the parallax rate of the layer, which won't do anything if there is no scrolling involved..

  • I would like my ship to stay in the center, I want the objects in layer 0 ( the star field and other objects) to move, giving the illusion my ship is moving.

    I am thinking I want the layer to move

  • still stuck on this one, updated my capx file as well with more tools to play with,

    ship still can't move the way i want it to though, what are you r thoughts and how would you go about moving the ship?

  • Well I tried many techniques and I can not get it. I am stumped!

    the goal is to make a seamless universe. my ship stays in the center of the screen at all times, when I tell my ship to move up, I want all the objects to shift down and generate new objects as they come into the screen.

    how can I achieve this goal? can I do it by family? Layer, Object, and how to I expand my layout as i travel and remove the layout that is not visible on screen? all data is stored in an array so when I revisit and area it can pull that data and re-create the objects in its location provided? any tutorials on how to make this happen or am I going to advance into this?

  • Why not just use the scrollto behaviour, or the system scrollto action?

    Than you could give the ship any kind of movement behaviour you want, just set the unbounded scrolling attribute of the layout to yes..

  • I will give this a try, never used the scrollto method. will need to look into this. sounds right in theory and might be what I been looking for!

    Thank you very much!

  • Haha, ok..

    Here I was thinking you had very specific reasons to avoid the scrollto behaviour and therefor were searching for a very complicated way to achieve an effect..

    I thought the scrollto behaviour was used so often in examples and tutorials, everybody knew it..

  • will this allow me to move up in the layout for ever? with no boarders?

  • If you want it to..

  • yeah I worked only on a could tutorials to get the grasp, I program in c#, powershell, and many others, for development and workflow, getting into game design and development,

    looking at my code structure on the capx i sent, does that look good and clean as a visual scripter ? first time really doing it like this LOL so its a bit strange.

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