How do I to end the game with a score - 0

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  • Hi all, I'm finally finishing my first game with constructor 2, I am very happy with this program and would like to thank all who contribute to this community.

    ok, I have a problem... I'm almost finished the first level of my game, I am using a point system for hitting the enemy and the enemy subtracts my points if hit I have a question :

    How I can make it end the game when the score below zero.

    thanks everyone for their help.

  • Make a condition "compare variables" and set like "score<=0".

    Then you can put some actions you want, like destroy everything, restarting the layout, or showing stats.

    How to end your game is at your hand.

  • just make an event for it.

    i assume SCORE is a global variable, so: SCORE < 0 ; "insert desired action here"

    May I recommend that you take a look at the beautiful manual and perhaps toy around with the basic tutorials before proceeding with your game?

    Your inquire was really basic.

    much love.

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  • Whit the tutorials and manual really you will learn more quickly than making your game. Anyway you can do both and so improve your creation

  • thank.. i found the tutorial....i made :

    NEW GROUP Next Level)

    System compare variebles > great than 500 then WIN SPRITE SET POSITION, ENEMY DESTROY..


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