How do I encapsulate an enemy when attacked

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  • Hello, I am a SUPER NEWB at Construct and I am working on my first game. I have used a couple of tutorials but I just wanted to know how I would go about encapsulating an enemy into a bubble and maybe shading the enemy a light blue-ish hue when they're trapped in the bubble. I am making an underwater game and need the enemy to be incapacitated and trapped in a bubble that floats slowly toward the top of the screen after the enemy has been attacked. What are the steps toward doing this and is there any code needed to do something like that? Thanks so much. -Kale

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  • About the shading part, for now you might need appropriate sprites displaying the enemy in the appropriate color, there's no real way to change the hue of sprites (js limitation for now).

    For the encapsulate part, I guess you need to set the bubble position to the enemie's position (or the inverse) when they collide each other, and "pause" the behaviors that make the enemy and bubble move.

    It depends on how you setted up things so far.

  • Excellent pic, Kalewind1.... why thank you!

  • If the sprite of the bubble is a transparent PNG image colored blue this is mixed with the color of the enemy and give him the tone you want.

    Sorry for my English is very bad.

    See my capx example.

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