How do I Encapsulate code for reuse

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  • I'm creating buttons, and many of the effects and events are repeated many times.

    For example I have this condition:

    Main Condition

    Mouse->On Left Button Clicked on "Button"


    Touch-> Is Touching "Button"

    Sub Condition

    System -> Trigger once

    How Can I create in construct language something that receice a button as parameter, and check all of this conditions, to be used instead of repeating all of this?

  • Usual way is to create a function, pass it as a param the UID of a button object. In the function, pick the object from UID then do what you want.

  • This works fine for actions, but this doesn't work for conditions, I can't find a way to put a function call as a condition.


  • But on the function conditions there is only the "Compare Parameter" and the "On Function".

    Are you using another plugin to do this?

  • luizfbicalho

    You could put all of your different buttons into a family and assign an instance variable to the family, where you store the desired action.

    Then you check for mouseclicks like so:

    On left mouse button clicked on ButtonFamily -> call function CheckForButtonPress(ButtonFamily.UID)

    On Function "CheckForButtonPress"

    Pick ButtonFamily with UID function.param 0

    Compare ButtonFamily.Variable

    ButtonFamily.Variable = "menu" -> Call Menu

    ButtonFamily.Variable="quit" -> Quit


    I hope it's somewhat understandable.

    But it will not work with the free version of Construct 2, because of families.

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  • that's about how I'd approach it, and I see luizfbicalho already has a license so that should be okay.

  • Compare ButtonFamily.Variable

    ButtonFamily.Variable = "menu" -> Call Menu

    ButtonFamily.Variable="quit" -> Quit


    ok I misunderstood the OP. Callbacks is a good solution but you can just do Function: Call ButtonFamily.Variable() as a shortcut.

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