enable/disable or add/remove behaviors in events?

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  • Hi.Im new to Construct 2 and I need some help with the behaviors.

    I would like to add/remove or disable/enable behaviors on the fly but I don't know if it even possible.

    For example I would like to make a GTA style game.

    If the player object collided with the car object,then destroy player object and add or enable car behavior and Scroll to behavior on collided car object.

    I founf car enable car disable events but thay don't work as I would expect and no similar event for scroll to or any other behaviors.

    Anybody could help me please?

    Can I add/remove or enalbe/disable behaviors in events?If yes,how?


  • Instead of using the scrollto behaviour use the system action scrollto.

    Simple example:

    System: every tick /walking = true -> system: scrollto player.x,player.y

    System: every tick /driving = true -> system: scrollto car.x,car.y

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  • Thanks.It helped on my scroll to issue but is there any similar cool way to enable,disable behaviors on objects?

    For example

    Car:on created/car behaviour = disable

    Car:on collision with player/car behaviour = enable

    I'm looking for a similar way to do it for all behaviors in general.

    But not possible this way.

    Any solution?


  • The latest beta adds this: r137

  • Thanks the Steam version just updated <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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