Enable and Disable Scroll to behavior at run time?

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  • Is it possible to do this? Or do I have to make an every tick->scroll to action that gets enabled and disabled?

  • You don't need a behavior for scrolling , check out the scrolling actions in the system ... You can scroll to any given X/Y position and it's toggle-able at your choice ...

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  • I believe he's asking about the actual Behavior:ScrollTo.

    To answer your question, Yttermayn, there is not an action or property at run time to disable scroll to on an object.

    Depending on your needs you can use an invisible object that has the ScrollTo behavior, and just put that where you want to view.

    For example, in the roguelike I'm writing, I've got a sprite that is a frame that is the same size as the player and the mobs which has the ScrollTo behavior. Most of the time, it is set to invisible and is at the same position as the Player, but when the player is in the free look mode, it becomes visible and it moves while the player stays still.

  • Theubie: Yes, I thought maybe that was the case. I'll have to use the functions Whiteclaws mentioned to make it happen myself. Thanks!

    Also, theubie, I wouldn't mind taking a peek at your roguelike, if you didn't mind...

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