Embedding game in phonegap app

  • Hello,

    I'm making phonegap app on ios, with some games in. The structer is based on angular, and what I want to do is open diffrents games in appropriate view. GameOne in viewOne, GameTwo in viewTwo etc. Each game is store in its own directory. e.g. games/GameOne

    So I was thought, that i can add c2runtime.js to the DOM on current view, and fire game, but on ios it's not working. The problem is that script is looking for resources in root of app, instead in game directory. e.g app/static/sample.png -> app/games/gameOne/static/sample.png (correct).

    How can i do this ? Is it possible ?

    If i remember correclty it was working in browser...

  • Thanks for your help, scirra sucks

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  • If nobody has done it, you expect someone to have a magical answer? Or would you prefer a bunch of people to reply with "I don't know?". Your attitude won't get you much help.

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