How do I embed an url on the construct 2 stage but not full screen?

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  • I have a unique requirement, i wish to embed a url into my game like say a picture in a picture sort of way, i have the construct stage with all my buttons and sprites, and when i click on one of the buttons i wish for a web Url to be visible in a portion of the stage ex ( if i have a 1024*768 stage i wish the url to visible ONLY on the left hand corner at 800*600 of the game stage and still be able to see my buttons)

    is that a possibility in Construt 2 using open url with some parameter using the Goto Url command ( like ",width 800, height 600," with some parametric commands or is there some other way using java script, have tried a lot of combination but have got no where, if some one has a innovative idea pls let me know



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