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  • Hi there

    I was wondering if there?s a way to embed a Layout into another Layout, like Flash does for movies.

    Thus, I could call anytime complex items, like pop up windows, galeries, that are fully defined into their own layout

  • That would be really nice, but no, that is currently impossible.

  • AllanR : thanks for the answer.

    Any idea on how I could deal with complex object on screen (object made with many objects) ?

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  • In the paid Construct 2 version, you can create Containers, which is basically an object made with many objects.

    Also, something that may be helpful is using an event sheet that is included in all your other event sheets with events/functions that are common to each of them.

    Ex: In the current game I'm creating, I have an event sheet called `GlobalLevel`, and I have three layouts and event sheets called `Level01`, `Level02`, and `Level03`. My `GlobalLevel` event sheet in included in each of the levels. Why? My `GlobalLevel` has about 50+ events in it that are common to each of the levels. My level event sheets have about 1-3 events in them, in which all I do it change some global parameters/variables and then called my start level function in `GlobalLevel`. This setup has saved me tremendous amount of work, made things easier to read, and very easy to create entirely new levels. It may or may not also work for you.

  • danialgoodwin : Thanks for the reply !! I knew about event sheets, I found this function so great that I wished the same existed for layouts themselves. I'll have a look at Containers. Seems to be able to fullfill my needs.

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