How do I embed a game app to a blog with html support?

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  • Hello everyone, I have a question that I'd love to resolve it:

    How do I embed a game app that did the construct exported to HTML5, to a blog that supports HTML?

    The game externalmente runs on another domain, but want users to access through my blog.

    What code do I need to put in the new post of my blog?

  • Pode's iFrame! Or rather just iFrames in general, since you are importing into an existing non-C2 website. Basically, you just have an iFrame element in your blog and link it to your game. Just make sure that your game is running on the same domain, otherwise browser security will undo you.

  • Thank you[quote:1dxywy0o]gumshoe 2029

    I'll use iframes, this problem is because I can share Youtube movie on my blog and not my html5 games

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  • Yea, you have to be super careful with the security of iFrames, and browsers will generally block any iFrame request that does not link back to your own domain.

    For example, I had to proxy our developer's blog through my domain, because Chrome blocks all non-SAME ORIGIN iFrame requests.

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