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  • Hi there,

    I have been developing an app using Construct 2 where the user can select and build there own bespoke whirlpool bath. Throughout the app I'm collecting data in variables and would like to be able for the user to send us that info via an email (or other method) when all the selections have been made.

    An alternative and sufficient solution would be to take a screen grab (image) of the final layout and allow the user to email us that from the final layout too?

    Are any of these possibilities using construct 2?

    Many thanks - Dan

  • C2 does not contain ways to send an email "out of the box".

    You can add some third-part addons dedicated to this (example armaldio's "Send emails").

    Or you may use the data you get and send them through AJAX to a dedicated server (as you can see in the How do I FAQ section AJAX).

  • many thanjks for the help - total newbie to forums, what is capx?

  • Hi Kratric,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I have managed to download and unzip the E-mail files, however I have no idea on how to implement the JavaScript files with my C2 project.

    Any help in achieving this please?

  • How to install plugin

    FAQ general

  • Cheers MadSpy,

    I will try this immediatly!

  • As a newcomer to Construct 2 a single thing to do :

    Read The Fabulous Manual and learn what capx are, and more.

  • Many thanks Kyatric and MadSpy, I have set up the mail plugin and filled in the required Fields for smpt server ect but when i preview the layout that this event sheet relates to, it's blank. No form or Fields to fill in ect. Do I have to set these up manually somehow and I also noticed other server side files within your tutorial Kyatric. Do I need to do anything with these to make it work?

    This is a very urgent requirement. If anybody can help we would be extremely appreciative!!

    Many thanks in advance,


  • I will be attaching a capx file of this project later today however, there are certain elements not quite correctly in place so accessing the layout where the e-mail form should be may prove a little tricky (if not impossible) until i develop the app further.

    If there is any help out there for implementing the free mail plugin by armaldio as I have read through the tutorials, viewed the examples (and not seen any actual working examples), downloaded the plugin (to the best of my knowledge it's the full set of files as it's very confusing as what you need to download and install to make it all work) and correctly (followed the instructions given on this website), installed and implemented the plugin to my project (on a blank layout). It simply does not work for myself. All that I can determine from attempting to use this plugin is that many other people new to this kind of project development are going to be just as in the dark as how to make an actual working e-mail form are going to be posting question after question as I am currently doing myself. The tutorial on how to implement the plugin is extremely vague, the example is (as far as I can see) non existent and as for what files you need to download to make anything work is simply confusing. I would happily make a considerable donation for the use of this plugin if it was made clear on what to do to make it actually work. I can follow instructions and have done several times for this plugin (deleting and starting again and again just to make sure I'm doing it all correct) all for nothing so far.

    So adding a capx file will be done later today however, as you can tell there is very little point as my problem is with the failing of the "examples", "tutorials" and other literature that comes with it.

    Just to explain further, this is all I want to achieve: a simply e-mail form that captures the users Name, email address, telephone number, address and also include a list of selected items that are stored in global variables.

    Any constructive, clear and concise help with making this achievable would be most appreciated and received very welcome as it is a very urgent final requirement to getting a BETA version of our app running today if possible.

    capx to come later today although not required.

    Many kind regards,


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  • There is no facility to attach the capx file here or on the full editor. How can I attach my capx file please?

    May thanks,


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