How do I eliminate the bonus lines in SpriteFont?

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  • This requires an image for explanation.

    The top line is using the: SpriteFont+ plugin

    The bottom line uses the raw Construct SpriteFont.

    Both use specific spacings for each character.

    The scales on the above fonts are:



    The lines are faint vertical lines roughly 1-2px in width that seem to randomly (depending on scale) scatter themselves within the SpriteFont. If I scale to 1, they go away, but I cannot afford to have everything as scale 1.

    I suppose we could go back and make the original spritesheet image smaller (allowing us to avoid scales < 1), but the SpriteFonts definitely do not work happily for scales smaller than 1.

    The original sprite font image (used for both) is here: ... _0_4_1.png

    These rogue lines are my primary reason for being hesitant about using the SpriteFont despite the significant performance losses that we are going to eat using thousands of Text objects.

  • Capx for the SpriteFont test: ... sp=sharing

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  • Can you make the spritefront the size you want it without having to scale it after the fact?

  • Yea, we may have to do that. It is just annoying, as we plan on programmatically generating and sizing thousands of these things, and I would die if I have to go back and redo all of this due to rogue lines popping up everywhere.

  • I'd say you haven't given your letters enough space on the left, so scaling is picking up bleed from the next letter. Ex: A is picking up the left most pixels of B. o is picking up p. Also some of your other fonts have artifacts right in the source: SpriteFont -> g, p, q.

    Have a look at:

  • Yea, I tried fiddling with the spaces, but it doesn't help, or rather, I should say it helps temporarily. When I go to resizing it to another scale, the lines return.

    I will definitely fiddle with this though, thanks

    After fiddling with your spriteFont generator, I noticed the output file names are exactly what she did, so apparently our artist used your generator to output the fonts used in my example above.

    I may end up just generating a whole bunch of them for various font sizes that we need and try to avoid the scaling part altogether.

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