How do you efficiently preload spriter(scml) ?

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  • I have Spriter objects (scml) in my project and on start of layout when a spriter object is not fully initialized, it appears blank but eventually it becomes visible when it, I believe finished initializing. Do you guys know any efficient way to preload (Spriter)scml objects? Thanks

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  • I have the same issue. Is there a solution for this?

  • I would think would be a good person to ask about issues with Spriter.

  • My first tip is make sure your Spriter object is not needlessly high res. If you need to scale it down to 10 or 25 percent once loaded, so that it's the proper size, you should use Spriter Pro's feature to create a scaled down clone of your project, and use that one instead, as it will reduce load-time and improve performance.

    Aside from that, What I do is add a fade in sprite overlay for the game screen and a loading message which waits for the Spriter object to finish initiating before it fades away to reveal the game screen. If I recall correctly, I just check for the first time the Spriter animation reaches beyond 0.1 seconds.

    I'm also pretty sure once a Spriter object finishes loading its ready to go for all future frames... so you could possibly have hidden/off-screen ones loading during your Splash screen/main menu, so that its ready to go in future layouts.


    -Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Oh waiting for the animation to reach beyond 0.1 seconds sounds like a solution that could work.

    Still a bummer tough that Construction can't preload Spriter Objects automatically in the beginning...

    Thanks for the help



  • - It is working now. I made a preloader layout to initialize the scml objects on start.

  • Awesome. Glad you were both able to work out good solutions.


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