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  • Hi All,

    Sorry for basics question, I'm new, but still I would like to try to start my first project right way.

    I'm looking for a tutorial describing approach to the overall efficiency of a project.

    I'm talking about

    1. How to create assets, (which?)import formats to choose so it would result in less MB of ready to rollout game.

    2. How to manage assets/animations and create a game with good fps ?

    I know that question is general and answer might be very different depends on type of the game created BUT there must be some general rules on how to make game efficient and available for both low end and high end devices / PC's ?

    I know that the same *.png file saved with the same properties in one tool can be 14 kB and in other 24kB. Multiply that by number of Sprites you have and you might end up with significant different overall MB of the game and performance as well.Not mentioning about reach backgrounds when you want them to look good on HD monitors.

    Any advice, links to tutorials much appreciated.



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  • You know, i made a post about this just today:


    Sadly, the formatting was somewhat messed up by the forums, so i had to re-host the thread elsewhere, i opted for creating a gallery of screenshots on imgur with the links attached.

    The point of the post was to ask for more tips, but i guess most of what i've listed there is valid as well, even for PCs.

    Also, here are direct links to other articles about the subject:

    Best practices - scirra.com/manual/34/best-practices

    Performance Tips - scirra.com/manual/134/performance-tips

    Performance Tips for Mobile Games - scirra.com/tutorials/298/performance-tips-for-mobile-games

    Remember not to waste your memory - scirra.com/blog/112/remember-not-to-waste-your-memory

    Optimisation: don't waste your time - scirra.com/blog/83/optimisation-dont-waste-your-time

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