How do I make effects scale the same on PC and mobile

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  • Hey All!

    That's how it looks like on my Android XPERIA Z3 Compact

    And on my Windows 10 Macbook Pro

    How to make the effect scale properly? So it is the same as PC on mobile



  • Replaced those UI objects with the effect's object and it does not work. Though thanks for this scaling technique, I will keep it in mind! You might have misunderstood this problem.

    The effect itself is like zooming-in on mobile. When it looks good on PC, when trying out on mobile the effect is zoomed inside. What I am looking for is that it looks exactly the same on mobile too. Like all other non-effect sprites.

    This also applies to other effects. Maybe all

    The effect I am using is here


  • I guess the problem here is the position x and y of your effect..

    Seems like they are based on screen(window)-coordinates, rather than project coordinates..

    So to scale the effect you should move those coordinates..

    Not sure what you want though..

    If it's the middle of the screent, it would be simply windowwidth/2, windowheight/2

    If you look at the preview of the effect provided in the thread and scale the window (browser) manually, youll see the same issue..

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  • Tried coding the sprite, which has the effects, to - on start of layout or everytick = set X and Y to windowwidth/2, windowheight/2. Did not work

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