How do I use After Effects Project as a Background

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  • Hi guys.

    I have 30 seconds long video 60 FPS, 1920x1080 which I created in After Effects. It is basically a burning star & I would like to put it on the BackGround of my Construct 2 project.

    Question is:

    Should I render it as a video ? If so, which format ? MP4 ?

    Should I do some Images instead and than animate it inside Construct 2 ?

    Or what would be the most efficient method ? I am also planning on doing lot of other objects which I will animate in After Effects. Generally, most of those will be much smaller. Like little fire on a space ship... some water in a small say 100x100 pixels objects or so... there is tons of things.. lasers, wave guns, time thingys etc etc..

    Thing is, will it handle ca 30-40 things on the screen ? Each of them will be animated in AE...etc.. I hope that you guys get the point.

    Thanx in advance,


  • As newt kinda mentions - you can't throw ton's of stuff into your project.

    Your AE animation would need an export into a series of pictures (frames) that then need to be held in storage (uncompressed).

    Consider the framerate of every animation - for videos you usually use 24/25/30. For animations, you go ass low as you can go. 12 should be the maximum.

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  • Yeah, that's going to be a major performance headache for you. Is there any way you might be able to recreate a similar or alternative background effect using the tools in C2?

  • AE can render to PNG sequences (channels = RGB + Alpha.). Any other format has no use, c2 will convert it to PNG.

    Meaning, for the little animations you are save. Dont forget the alpha channel.

    Keep in mind that images are usually actually held in memory in a power-of-two size (e.g. 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, etc).

    Best to respect that.

    For the background. I suggest you try. Trying dont hurt.

    Choose for a viewport that is not to big. Render in PNG sequence with NO alpha. It might help if you render at half the viewport and scale it in C2. You cant go for quality. Use a sprite, not a tiledbackground. Dissable colission for the sprite. Go for memory use and good load times. Try to do everything on 1 layer.

    I think you can not parallax this background animation. It will be way to big to handle.

    Its is not impossible, in my opion, for the background. But, yeah i can be wrong.

    Its the way to go for the small animations.

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