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  • There is a plethora of effects to choose from that come with Construct 2—I haven't really used any.

    I was hoping to make an open thread where people can post rather simple effect techniques they find useful.

    Simple: so those new to effects like me can grasp and try out quickly

    Useful: as in describe the circumstance/situation you have used it in or the desired effect you were looking for. The effects all have descriptions in Construct so it is not an explanation of effects that would be helpful but practical circumstances to use them (where they would add value visually).


    To show which option in a menu is selected you can use ___________ effect to highlight the text/sprite.

    In a Multi-player game you can use the color replace effect to make each team a different color using the same sprites.

    I have seen some threads on more advanced effects but not for beginners.

    I know I can search out specific tutorials/forums if I have a desired result in mind, but I was hoping this to be more of a thread to browse and find something that makes you think "oh! I haven't thought of that!"

    Please share any tips and tricks you have discovered in hopes that many find this thread useful!

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