How to I have effects always match with music cues?

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  • Hello, I have a situation where I have a long layout that automatically scrolls to the right that the player will follow. A song is playing throughout, and at certain parts of the song, certain effects will then appear. I had my times set up, but something I discovered while testing is that when my computer chugs a bit, it completely messes up the timing. Everything on my layout will slow down for maybe a second, but the music stays the same, so then it ends up out of sync and I can't properly time when I should have these effects happen at x seconds. How can I ensure that even if a computer is running very badly and slows everything down, the effects will still match with the song?

  • Penumbra

    Dude, they have an audio expression call "PlaybackTime" in the audio expression, this might help you out!

    Have fun!

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  • Hrm, I'm sorry, but I'm having a little trouble understanding how this expression would work for this case. Could you explain it a little further? Thanks!

  • Penumbra

    Sure, you will have to give me 2 things

    1. The sound file that you want to use

    2. the time in second of the sound that will trigger the effect

    Then I'll make the example capx for you.

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