Most effective way to make a game with lots of text and clickable buttons ?

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  • So as the topic name mentions, whats the most efficent way to make a game with lots of text and buttons ? Like for example, lets say you click a city, you are given lots of clickable options what you want to do. first button - work in the city, second - hire troops, etc.. So my question is whats the most efficent way to create these buttons(many of them) and make each one do unique things. Lets also not forget creating new windows, like "clicking hire tropps" would open a new window with lots of options also. There are lots of ways on how to do these kind of things, so thats why im asking for tips.

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  • I found convenient to use txt file and search in its text by tokens. Also I suggest you to separate interactions by types and call all windows by Functions, you can describe functions in separate "sheet" for convenience, and then include this sheet in your active actions sheet.

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