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  • Hello, Construct friends.

    I'm making a shooting game, but I'm having some difficulties in applying concepts using C2.

    The ship of the players will be able to exchange bullet, one of those shots will slow down the enemy ships.

    What would be best to implement it?

    Two variables with a value that will reduce the speed (an instance variable of the player's ship or shot) and a bool that controls whether the effect is activated? (Variable instance of the ship reached)

    Here's an image of the game:

    Here's an image of the game:<img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/66975768/imagens/printi-game.png" border="0" />

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  • You can multiply the enemy ships movement rate by a ratio.

    So if the normal enemy ship movement is 30 * dt, when the shots collides with the enemy you can do.

    Enemy move forward 30 * dt * 0.5

    wait 5.0 seconds

    Enemy move forward 30 * dt * 1.0

  • In case that 5 seconds is the time keeping the negative effect?

    wait 5 seconds. Do not lock the other actions?

    How would a generic form of leave that? Using family?

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