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  • Hello,

    I am currently playing with snapshots and have a question on how to utilize this tool. What I want is to have a tilemap object with x number of tiles. And when I take the snapshot use it to change the image of that tile of the tilemap. For sprites I can do this with the Load Image From URL command however I do not see this as an option for tilemaps.

    I do see where you can erase a tile, so to me it seems reasonable to allow you to append a tile. And in the process chose a Image while doing so. Or even do so without appending a tile by simply laying over a new image on that tile.

    Is this even possible in the current build? First is this something I can request be added to C2, second is there a reasonable way to get what I am trying to do another way?

    Thank you for your time.


    Ok so I have been left laying awake for a while and I just thought of a idea to do this and I am writing it here more so I will remember in the morning. Animation Frames. I could have a sprite with a animation with the hundred or so frames containing each image. I can even have different animations for each type of character I wish and leading to a animation for custom characters with x blank frames. I could try having when I take the snapshot change the animation to the custom character one and set the frame to the number slot that I am overwriting.

    So if I was saving in the third save slot I would take a snapshot of the portrait. Set the animation of the sprite to the custom animation and set the active frame to 2 and load image form URL for the sprite and then save the sprite to the project file. (Still working on how to do this)

    If I have the custom stats assigned in the character creator then I can have my CSV sheet change the value for each in the 3rd row.

    I feel optimistic about this now to see if I can get some sleep

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  • I have run into another problem with tilemap that I hope to find answers. I would like to do basic animation using my tiles. Rotate, transform, scale etc and now find that I can not use tilemaps in this way. I have a tilemap of 80 or so cards that I would like to do things with and with 80 of them a tilemap seemed to be the most efficient way of doing them. As opposed of having 80 sprites which would make just as much lag but with less headache. Is there a plugin that I am not seeing to do this or will I have to result to having a large number of sprites.

    Or possibly is there a way to change a sprites image to match a tile on the map? If I could just say Sprite1 = Tilemap.Tile3 that will solve many of my problems but i am unaware of how.


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