Editing sprites with Photoshop from Construct 2

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  • You can use Photoshop directly from the sprite editor which has made it easy to edit graphics in your comfort zone. I have had an issue with the dynamic effects or canvas size in Photoshop. When you push over an image and make some edits on it with certain effects or the canvas size the file will change enough to need to save as an editable or separate file.

    in order to push the image back into construct 2 go into the top drop down menu.

    Image>mode>index set the option forced: WEB

    than save and go back to construct 2 and continue designing game. I am not sure this ruins the color space for png32 because forcing it to web might make them 8bit it has similar options to save for web but that still has png 32 I am less than familiar with the web color space :p

    Let me know if there is a more elegant solution or explanation.

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