How do I Edit Images in C2 Runtime

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  • Hello everyone,

    i stumbled upon a problem while making my first attempts to do some stuff in Construct 2 with the UserMedia Object. I have dark memories that I one saw in some object fuctions like "rotate image", "crop image" and so on. So simply ways to edit sprites (more exactly their pictures) while the game is running, but i have no idea in wich object this function is provided. I wanted to make a simple Test Game where the User has to line up an object with a mask wich lays over the MediaStream. After the user took the snapshot of the webcam, i want to crop it, so that only the "masked" part of the picture remains.

    Is there any way to perform actions on Images (Webcam Shots) such as cropping, rotating, tinting or anything like this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • The canvas or paster third party addons allow you to manipulate textures. Maybe not the same way as you're thinking which sounds like the construct classic image manipulator plugin.

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