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  • Hey Scirrdy Cats, I was wondering if its a possibility to have an asset folder of images that game players can overwrite with their own files? I thought this would be fun for a little game i did at berlin game jam.

  • Before construct switched to system generated spritesheet/texture atlas style, you could easily swap stuff out on the server itself.

    I'm not sure if there's an option to revert back to how it worked before, as the output now would be rather difficult to update, because of the way the images are organised.

    In my follow the leader game - I had a blue barrier thing that's 16 frames long, my original spite strip is 1x16, but when saved out and published, ends up as two .png files, one for the first 9 frames, another for the second 7 frames, both in 3x3 grids.

    It's not impossible though - just depends on how complex the game is - if there's not much in the way of frame-based animation going on, then it's feasible.

  • sad news. I thought it would be fun for the user to make their own graphics. Thanks for the info JohnnySix.

  • I'm not totally sure about this, but doesn't Construct 2 have the ability to load from a URL. You could have the player paint the object in an external program and then upload it to the internet. That might work.

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  • I take a look into that. Thanks sman118

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