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  • Hi there

    Do you know if it's possible to export to Cocoonjs (sh!t) and from there taking the file and using it in Eclipse for Java/Android to add Admob and signing your APK file? I am extremely irritated with all this sh!t I have to do just to get the damn game to Android store, and then there's a whole lot of crap for Amazon too. THIS IS BY FAR NOT EASY!!!! The claims saying that it is sooooo easy should be directed at intermediate to advanced programmers.

    Crosswalk is a load sh!t and don't work after wasting countless hours. Cocoonjs works, but how the hell is anyone to understand that ill designed website with tutorials that only they know.

    Is there a way that this can be done in Eclipse otherwise I'll just throw this software in the damn bin, because I am not interested in created games for Chrome store, Facebook or Tizen. My goal is to create for Android and Amazon. Why can I simply create something in Eclipse, add a simple line of code for my adds, sign the app and publish to Amazon and Android and here I have to do a whole lot of different kinds of SH!T for ONE LITTLE APP????????

    It seems Gamasalad and Gamemaker is the best option for this because all this sh!t takes forver where I can just program a simple app in Java and it works without me having to pay $119 for software and then have to waste a sh!itload of time. I really do think this is blatant false advertising making it look so wonderful and easy to publish to all these other platforms. When you actually try it, you find out you there are other third party CRAP involved and you have to deal with them and their issues too. I think I might spend a few more hours otherwise I'll just delete this software from my pc and continue to learn Java instead.

  • I was able to release an app on google Playstore with Admob integrated ad it is flawlessly working, why to go to eclipse of cocoonjs is the final step?

    This is the tutorial I "Carefully" followed and it worked fine.


    If you need any help there are many willing to help, try this and if it doesn't work reply to this thread and I will be glad to get you through with it.

    My app on my signature "Stoorn" created by C2, exported on Cocoonjs, integrated with Admob. you can check it out as an example.

  • Hi Phuzz

    You got me all excited again. I've downloaded your app, and it's pretty cool actually. I will definitely give you 5 stars for it. I might have to uninstall soon though because I'm out of memory from installing Cocoon Launcher and Crosswalk stuff.

    I noticed it said something about testing the adds but it then displayed fine after a few seconds, works like a charm. Thank you and I will keep you posted on my progress, I appreciate the help. I noticed that you have a weebly site. If you need help, I'm a web designer Thank you!

  • Im glad you liked it

    Add testing appears when there's low download rate or play rate is currently low, which is actually always low haha.

    I hope it works with you, and I will help you with what I can to get your App done. Thanks alot for the website offer I will keep that in mind when I have newer material to publish after my upcoming release. Thank you too

  • Hi Phuzz

    Your game is actually addictive LOL. Gave you a nice review with 5 stars and will help review your future apps.

    I would really appreciate some assistance with this: In the tut it says ...


    On Construct 2 level: add CocoonJS plugin to your application, and use it to show banners

    For example: on start of layout > show banner ad bottom-center

    If there are some places (like menus) where you don't want to show banner - use CocoonJS condition "is showing banner ad" to hide banner


    How do I import the cocoonjs file into Contruct? I'm not sure what to do here.

  • Thanks for your support to my app

    Just like how you would add a sprite or a tiled background, double click on the layout editor and scroll down to the "Platform Specific" section and add Cocoonjs to your project. Then Cocoonjs actions actions should appear on your action list just as mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Hi Phuzz

    Thank you for the help. I've tried and gets a blank screen. I've had it with this crap software and all this empty promises with sh!t. I wasted countless hours and actually created games in free mode before I bought to make sure I understand the software. They can go to hell with this. I'm asking for a fckng refund!!!!

  • Relax man, I honestly do not think there will be a refund if the problem is not from their side, other people got their apps on the store fully functional so it should work for you too, anyways, if you need anymore help i will be glad to. Peace

  • Again, guys I am sorry for going on, I guess I need more patience but I don't expect to make make my problems other people's. If any of you have used Game Maker before, please let me know what you think of it. Yes I'm sad that I am not going to use Construct anymore because I've invested so much time in it and have created 2 apps, and a few other ones too. So I know the basics, enough create simple games and apps.

    I've tested Game Maker:Studio before and I can say the following:

    Is a good engine, I dare to say even better than C2 in a lot of ways (native exporting, 3D Support, more commercial games released ... etc).

    But Game Maker:Studio was the one that made me look for another engine and and thanks to that I've found C2.

    The downsides of Game Maker:Studio are:

    • Full of bugs (there was one version that couldn't even compile/test games... around 1 week of waiting for fix)
    • Outdated Room/Level editor (have more functions than C2 but is a pain to use)
    • Proprietary programming language (If you have to learn a programming language, why not C++ or C# or Java, languages that are more widely used ... If you still have to learn a programming language why not also get a better engine like Unity)
    • Community was very aggressive (I was about to spend 200~500 Euro on their software (Master Collection was 500Euro for a limited time) but I admitted that I had used a "borrowed" license in order to see how good is their software and asked some questions about stability and support ... Instead of giving me opinions on what should I buy, I got heavy words and banned next day ... And yes, I was ready to spend/invest up to 500Euro in GameMaker)
    • Support was very poor (over 30 pages on a topic about a limited sale (the 500Euro one), no official date, "only mid August", no official response on 10 August ..... The same with the compile issue, lot of topics, no official answer ... )
    • Questionable actions like this
    • Expensive (800$ (Master Collection) or 200$ (Professional + HTML5 Exporter)
    • Not so optimised without YoYo Compiler (300$) ... Without it the native performance is the same as C2 HTML5 ... Try Street Fighter X Mega Man on a weaker PC and you will understand what I am saying

    Game Maker used to be a hobbyist/indie tool but is now marketed/priced as a professional one. Overall is not that bad, maybe my experience was a negative one, but there are definitely better alternatives ... If you are serious and want something "better" then C2 I would recommend Unity (free for indie) + PlayMaker Plugin (100$).

    Good luck

  • Hi TG

    Thank you for the in depth reply. I' have started to learn Java and will continue to do so. I think using C2 and gamemaker kind of also makes you a bit lazy, but if I keep up the learning in Java, byt the end of the year I should be much better and be able to do much more.

    I have looked at GM, Monkey-x, Haxe and others. It's difficult really. If you have the money one can try them all but as for most, we can only get one to start with. What I want to create is basic games, very simple so for now it will be just that little niche before moving on to bigger ones. And the main concern is just the ease of getting the to Android and amazon with admob integrated.

    hanks man, I appreciate your help. You shed some valuabe insight on my question.

  • ubuntuonline

    While engines like C2 or Game Maker may make you lazy, they have the advantage of time, you can make a Super Mario game in hours without complex code skills. Also C2 is a great tool for learning how games are made (code/action flow).

    But if you have time so spend and the possibility to learn programming, nothing beats pure code programming

    Good luck

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  • ubuntuonline I am also frustrated with C2. I have 1.5 years experience on it, and made some $ as a freelancer, but I have to reject a lot of clients that ask a mobile version + ad support. I am still making games in C2 but I also learn Unity3d + C# which is a awesome and powerful engine. (Unity3d can also make 2d games). Learning Java will only help you make Android games (and apps), learning Unity + C# (or JavaScript) you will be able to export to all mobile platforms + Xbox and PlayStation. The downside : many months of learning, but the community there is 100 times larger and 100 more clients are looking for Unity developers (on oDesk at least). Whatever you do, it will always be some frustration on the road:) . another downside is that Unity is an expensive engine $1500+ but you can also use the free version to build games. You will have some shaders disabled and Unity splash at the beginning of the game (like the crappy CocoonJS).

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